The S-AGA Award

Each year the S-AGA Award is awarded to an individual, who has unselfishly aided others in Scandinavian-American genealogy. The recipient of the award must show certain characteristics over an extended period of time. These characteristics include, but are not limited to:

Past recipients of the S-AGA Award include.

2013 Jean Marthaler (Saint Joseph, Minnesota,USA)
2012 Ola Helge Fløene (Aurdal,Nord-Aurdal,Norway)
2011 Darin Flansburg (Motley, Minnesota, USA)
2010 Larissa Reutgen (British Columbia, Canada)
2009 Einar T. Endrerud (Dokka, Nordre Land, Norway)
2008 Per Odd Smelhus (Etnedal, Norway)